Five Must-Have Packing Supplies

Must-Have Packing Supplies

With all the chaos and logistics of a move being juggled, it’s sometimes hard to keep in mind just what you’re going to need to do all your packing in the first place.

Five Moving Necessities:

What supplies are you going to want handy as you prep your clothes, dinnerware, and knickknacks? Here is a selection of  five moving necessities you’ll want to get beforehand:


Boxes – perhaps the most important item on this list, there is an infinite selection of options for this essential moving component. Plastic, cardboard, big, small: you’ll want to plan out just how much you’ll be transporting first so you’ll know just how many of these to get and in what size and format. Hanging clothes, for instance, go great in tall wardrobe boxes with metal bars for hangers, while plastic bins are often excellent at stacking and are in less danger of being crushed while keeping out the elements like water.


Notepad – about as vital as the boxes themselves is a handy notepad. You’ll want this to take notes about the move, such as keeping track of costs, listing what supplies you’ve already gotten for the move, dates, and schedules, and especially as a means of tracking what items you’ll be moving in each box; this will spare you having to open each box to figure out what’s inside which one.


Tape – secure packing tape is a must when it comes to sealing those boxes shut. You can also use this to secure moving blankets to larger fragile items, though bungee cords work just as well and are reusable.


Markers – used to label boxes.

Packing materials

Packing Materials – be it bunched-up newspapers, towels, styrofoam peanuts, or even clothes, this will help keep fragile items from shifting or breaking in transport.