How Much Do Movers Cost and How To Avoid Overpaying?

How Much Do Movers Cost?

They say the only things you can’t avoid are death, taxes, and, well, yeah— change. Fortunately for change, it is as good as rest. However, if the change involves moving, it can turn out to be a relatively stressful event in life.

Whether you are moving to a new home, relocating for work, or moving out of state, using the services of a reputable moving company in San Diego is a good way to avoid the hassle.

If you are wondering what it costs to move to San Diego, hold it right there. In this article, we have made you a breakdown of the cost of moving to San Diego and a few tips on how to avoid overpaying.

What is the Cost of Local Moving to San Diego?

This is such a broad question, and it depends on how much you are moving and how far. Usually, though, you might incur the following costs:

  • Travel Fees
  • Hourly Moving Fees

The best movers in San Diego have an hourly charging rate. This is good news for you because all the costs are included under one set fee.

Also, this allows you to evaluate what you want to leave for the moving company to do and what you can manage on your own. For instance, for seniors, it is more sensible to let the movers do the packing of larger boxes and load heavy items. If you have little children, you can guide them to pack up their own toys and other stuff, which may save you on costs in the long run.

Travel fees entail the costs of getting you to the new location. This includes gas and the time necessary to drive to the location. Ensure that the moving quote captions the traveling fees.

Needless to say, moving long distances is relatively more expensive compared to a local move. To get a rough estimate of how much it will cost to move to San Diego, consider the number of movers it will take to move your house or office as well as the time it will take to reach your new location.

Average Cost of Moving in San Diego

Here is an outline of how much it will cost you to move to San Diego, CA.

  1. Studio- Requires two movers, takes three hours, the average cost is up to $506
  2. 1 Bedroom- Requires two movers, takes approximately four hours, costs up to $786
  3. 2 Bedroom- Requires three movers, takes around five hours, can cost up to $1402 
  4. 3 Bedroom- Requires four movers, takes roughly eight hours, costs up to $3520
  5. 4 Bedroom- Requires four movers, takes up to nine hours, can cost up to $4069
  6. 5+ Bedroom- Requires five movers, takes around 10 hours, and can cost you up to $6370

These are purely averages meant to give insight into move pricing in San Diego. The rates may vary depending on the company you choose to hire and the specific aspects of your move.

How to Reduce Local Moving Costs

Whatever kind of move you are planning, there is a way to reduce your moving costs. Here is how:

  • Aim to move during the off-season. Moving during the rush hour may dramatically increase your moving costs. Ideally, consider moving on a weekday instead of a weekend. Also, you may want to avoid the first few and last few days of the month
  • Dispose of unwanted/unnecessary items. It will lighten your load and significantly reduce the packing and unloading time
  • You can also save on moving costs if you pack some of the items yourself. If you still need help packing up, you can cut costs by adopting partial packing, whereby the moving company helps with packing particular items that require special care
  • Handle simple preparations yourself. For example, you can disassemble and make ready furniture, unplug and prep electronics/appliances with the controllers secured, and cords wrapped
  • Be available to give directions. Tell the movers what needs to be packed and what goes where to save more time
  • Get any required approvals and instructions from the HOA, the landlord, property manager, etc. ahead of time.