How to Prepare Your Home for Resale

Prepare Your Home for Resale

Selling a house is a busy and stressful time, but prepping your home for the market allows you to put your best face forward and command a higher sale price. Buyers often want a home that’s already in great shape, and they’re willing to pay for it! Here are three things to remember when you’re preparing your home for resale.

1. Clean Up the Clutter:

A home that looks immaculately maintained gives buyers confidence that the property is in great condition. Clean up any dirt or clutter, and minimize the amount of personal items you have in view. Less is more when it comes to furniture, so stage the home in a way that makes it look spacious and open.

2. Fix It Up:

Take care of any large repairs, like issues with the roof, plumbing, fixtures, doors, windows, and floors. If you’re not sure where to start, you can schedule a pre-listing home inspection that will give you an idea of the problems you may need to address. Put the finishing touches on the interior of your home by freshening up walls, baseboards, door frames, and window sills, either by cleaning or painting.

3. Go Neutral:

First impressions are important. Have you ever walked into a room with loud patterns or bright-colored walls? It can be very distracting, and buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the home. A neutral color palette also ensures your home is photogenic, so high-quality images will make your listing stand out—in a good way.


Preparing your home for resale is a great opportunity to start planning your move. Consider what you don’t need or want, and get rid of these items before showing the home.


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