Is it cheaper to rent a truck or hire a mover?

Rent a Truck or Hire Movers

If you are interested in moving and you want to know how to save money in this process, here are the two most common options

Professional moving companies

If you choose the full service, the company’s staff will pack, load, transport and unpack all your belongings, so all you have to do is tell them where to put everything.

Many people pack everything without help, to save money and make sure they are handled properly.

Estimating the costs of a professional moving service is not as easy as logging on to a website. Many moving companies will send an expert to your home to evaluate your items and give you an estimate.

Movers often don’t consider mileage, but rather the weight of the load. Professional movers can be expensive, but their services will allow you to concentrate on other pressing moving issues. This option is more economical if your artifacts don’t weigh that much.

Truck rental companies

Renting a moving truck is not for everyone. You need to be aware of the extra length and width of the truck when changing lanes and maneuvering through narrow streets.

Likewise, truck rental companies don’t offer training on how to drive a truck, so drivers may need time to adjust.

Truck rental companies usually base their rates on truck size (measured in lengths between 10 feet and 26 feet), trip distance, days of use, and insurance.

Don’t forget to factor in fuel costs. This option is more economical if the distance to be traveled is short.