Moving Electronics: Tips to Keep Things Safe for the Trip

Moving Electronics

Unlike boxes of clothing or a bin full of books, electronics need extra care when being prepared for a move. Technology can have many fragile components, and throwing them willy-nilly into a  box for any kind of move may result in an unusable piece of equipment after the entire process of a move has been completed.

Helpful Moving Tips to Ensure Your Devices are Safe

Electronics need extra care, so here are some helpful tips to ensure your devices are still in perfect working order when unloaded at their destination:

  • Cushioning your devices for the move is the most important first step in a move. This can prevent shaking which may loosen or dislodge vital internal components of your electronics.  Wrap in towels, surround with packing peanuts, even pack within a box of padded clothing to keep things safe.
  • Make sure any particularly fragile surfaces such as computer monitors or television screens are even blocked off with something such as a sheet of cardboard or styrofoam to prevent scratches or pressure damage along the way. 
  • If your device has a cord, be sure to wrap it up carefully and tuck away, to prevent a surprise snag when removing the device from boxes at their destination. If you have an empty paper towel roll, this can be a useful slot to store the cord within. 
  • If you’re lucky enough to have the original boxes for your devices, you may want to use those to pack up electronics for the trip, as these may come with perfectly shaped foam packaging,  ensuring safe travel ahead. 
  • When packing things up, consider the climate of your destination: will there be excessive heat or dampness in the air that could affect your devices in transport? You may need to take extra measures to climate-protect electronics until they get to their safer end location.