Moving Hacks: 5 Tips for Staying Organized Before Moving

Moving Hacks

Moving is a process. The checklist can be long and super challenging — you need constant commitment and resilience for success.

Organizing is not the favorite activity for most people; however, it’s critical, especially before move-out. We’ve laid down five tips that will comprehensively assist you in staying organized ahead of the moving day.

1. Fully Pack up Before Moving Day

The best hack to stay organized is to start early. Packing up last-minute slows things down. Preparations should begin about two months before the move. Creating a detailed moving list eases staying organized. You will have enough time to prep your steps, get the help you need and keep everything in sync. Without delay, make it a goal to be fully packed when the movers arrive. This comes in handy in enabling a smooth run of events during the move day.

2. Prioritize Essentials

Load up the essential items you will need most immediately in an open-first box. Necessary boxes get you through until the rest of your stuff is delivered and made accessible. Additionally,  open-first boxes should have a label. Labels are crucial for your moving organization. Put written labels on the sides and top of your open-first boxes, so you and the moving company can tell what they are.

3. Have a Plan for the Kids

Moving with children can be overwhelming. A plan designed prior significantly helps on the move day. For the older kids, ensure they have a duffel bag with all their essentials. Assemble a moving day backpack for little kids. Stock the bag with all their favorite things which will keep them fully occupied. Equally important, use the bags for the last night in your space and the first night in your new area.

4. Keep Sensitive Items Separate.

There are several things your movers should not transport. Create a list of sensitive items and hand it over to your moving company in advance. Label the items with a “do not move” sign. During the move-out, transport the sensitive items yourself.

5. Pack a Snack Bin

Another way to be organized is to have snacks geared up ahead of the moving day. Having meals on hand will save time and money. Adequately stock easy-to-grab foodstuffs for the road. This tip will keep your strength in check. Opt for high fiber and high protein snacks. It is also essential to have water bottles during the move. Finally, avail the snack bin with you in the car instead of the moving truck — it allows easier access whenever needed.

Professional Movers

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