Ensuring a Smooth Move for Seniors

Seniors Moving

Navigating through a relocation can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting just for your average adult. Going through this arduous process when you’re a senior, on the other hand,  can be excessively taxing. If you’re a senior planning a move of any distance, or if you know one who could use a helping hand, here are three useful tips to make the process go forward more smoothly for everyone.

Arrange Moving Labor Assistance

The sheers physical work involved in packing for and performing a move can be fairly intense and time-consuming. Getting all of one’s belongings into boxes and then loading them and any furniture you possess onto a truck,  not to mention doing the entire process in reverse upon reaching your destination, can be beyond the capabilities of some seniors. Find some help, people who can help manage the load and do the heavy lifting.

Divide Moving into Smaller Tasks

To help limit the stress of a single, overwhelming move,  break up the entire process into multiple smaller tasks, and plan breaks in between them.  Tasks can include getting moving supplies, packing up individual rooms at a time,  disassembling or preparing furniture for transport, and more. Once you’ve completed one task, don’t force yourself to push on to the next task without taking some recovery time.

Prepare For The Move Well in Advance

Keeping the move as stress-free as possible is imperative when helping seniors move, and having a plan does more than just make sure no steps are missed: it gives peace of mind knowing exactly what’s ahead of you in the moving process. Extra time preparing in advance allows seniors the opportunity to take their time packing up their belongings, which if accumulated over a lifetime may be substantial in number.