Three Ways To Prepare for Moving Truck Parking

Ways To Prepare for Moving Truck Parking

Many homeowners overlook moving truck parking when planning to relocate. Consequently, the last-minute rush of managing moving truck parking can stress them or delay their relocation. Preparing your property for moving truck parking can help you avoid these issues.

1. Ask About Alternatives

You may assume that the movers will park the moving truck in the immediate vicinity. The truck can be in the driveway or on the road in the property’s front if you reside in a multiplex or house. The parking lot can be closer for those living in an apartment or row housing.

Professional movers can offer alternatives for inaccessible properties. For example, they can provide a shuttle service where loaders put your items in a smaller vehicle to take them to a shipping container or moving truck. Exploit your alternatives to identify the suitable parking and moving options.

2. Consider the Truck’s Size

Ask the movers about the height and length of the trailer and cab. You can determine if the truck has adequate parking and turning space. You’ll also ensure there are no structures, overhead wires, or foliage that can block access. Measure the space on either side of the truck’s parking spot and eliminate any obstructions or tripping hazards. If the movers back the moving truck into the parking space to enable the loading door to be close to your front door, you’ll need enough room on the sides for people to get by.

3. Get the Relevant Parking Permits

A moving company can guide you on the parking permits needed for the moving truck. They can also inform you whose responsibility it is to obtain them. If you are responsible, you may want to get them on time to avoid inconveniences. You may need a moving truck parking permit in your
current and new residences. If you share a driveway, some communities require anyone moving to have a permit three days before the moving day.

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