5 Ways to Calm Your Moving Anxiety

Calm Your Moving Anxiety

Moving isn’t always easy, especially if you’re doing so for inevitable reasons like a job transfer. All the packing, organizing, budget, the idea of leaving your friends, and living in an unknown neighborhood can take a toll on us, leading to anxiety and stress.

But moving doesn’t have to be all that bad and stressful. Below are some ways and tips to keep the anxiety away when moving.

1. Acknowledge How You Feel About Moving

Hiding away from the fact moving is stressing out just worsens the situation. Acknowledge that you’re anxious about relocating and allow yourself to feel that. Then ask yourself why you’re anxious. Are you afraid of leaving your friends behind, meeting new people, or building a new life altogether? Identifying the cause of your anxiety is the first step toward dealing with it.

2. Plan and Organize Moving Into a List(s)

Organize everything you’re supposed to do according to priority into a list. Write down what is to be done before, during, and after moving. Once you complete an item, tick it off the list and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and reward to keep you moving.

Feeling disorganized can cause anxiety when moving. Set order to everything to give you a sense of direction and calm your moving anxiety.

3. Don’t Abandon Your Daily Routine

Don’t bury yourself with packing boxes and organizing transport. Instead, try and maintain your regular routine to give you and maintain stability through the change. Eat right, take that evening walk with a friend, and work out as usual to maintain your sanity.

4. Reward Yourself

Meditation, a visit to the masseuse, or a steam bath are some great personal care activities to help relieve stress and calm your moving anxiety. Don’t immerse yourself in packing and conclude that you don’t have time for personal fun activities. Watch your favorite movie or TV show to cool down.

5. Reach Out for Help

Don’t shy away from seeking help from friends, family, and a counselor to get you through the anxiety of moving. Family and friends will also provide with an extra pair of hands during packing and organizing stuff.

6. Hire  Professional Movers

Don’t stress yourself into doing everything yourself. Seek help from professional movers. With over 10-years’ experience, we at Hulk Movers handle everything from packing, moving, and helping you settle in, saving you all the stress and anxiety. Our team consists of highly experienced and credible individuals to ensure a smooth and successful moving exercise.

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