What Are Tips About Hiring the Best Long Distance Movers?

5 Tips on Hiring the Best Long Distance Movers

Organizing a long-distance trip can be stressful for anyone. Changing your address with the post office, your bills, and your utilities are among the demands for moving to a new place, and of course, finding reputable long-distance movers.

The mistake of hiring just any moving company would add more strain to a stressful day. Here are five hacks for hiring the best long-distance movers.

1. Research Multiple Companies and Get References

The internet offers access to reviews, customer testimonials, and various options. Use it to access multiple moving companies’ websites. Alternatively, get on social media and work with referrals from reliable friends. The American Moving and Storage Association offers a list of certified moving companies on request.

2. Consider Long-Distance Moving Experience

Long-distance travel is complicated and demands expertise and skill. Target moving companies that disclose their experience on their websites and ask to chat with an employee about their background. Ask about their step-by-step process and follow up with questions.

3. Get a Proper Estimate

Request estimates when you close in on a few promising long-distance moving companies. It’s a general business standard to get a free estimate. Beware of companies that charge you for an estimate or don’t ask questions about your plan.

4. Don’t Pay an Outlandish Deposit

A reputable moving company won’t ask for any deposit before the move. All payments are made upon delivery; otherwise, you have no control over the process. Depending on your property and miles, a long-distance moving company typically charges between $2,200 and $6,000.

5. Consider Insurance Offerings

A moving company is required legally to assume liability for the value of goods on delivery. Consequently, stay away from uninsured companies and those that don’t offer any of the following options:

  • Full(Replacement) Value Protection
  • Alternative Level of Liability

Professional Long-Distance Movers

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